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I2S Isolator


Full galvanic isolator between SBC/DAC.

Unit will work on both master and slave DACs. We have isolated the i2c, gpios.

We recommend to use LIFEPO4 batteries, and the Isolator will in turn provide 5v/0.6A using LT3042 and 3.3V/250mA using LT3042 LDOs.




  • Compatibility: RPI and Sparky, Boss DAC and other DACs (please check manual), Kali
  • PSU: Isolator needs 6.2-12V minimum.  In return, Isolator will feed power to above stages (like DACs) using the best LDOs in the market LT3042
  • If no power is fed to isolator, then you can feed your isolator from stage above (max 5.5V) either powered DAC or Kali
  • Not Working With: DigiOne (double isolation is not required since DigiOne already has isolation after WM8805/SBC)

DC Connector Details

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