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10" Bluetooth Keyboard – Black


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Add a slim, lightweight Bluetooth keyboard that is neither too big, nor too small for your computer project! We've found the "just right" Goldilocks-size keyboard, a mere 9.6" x 5.8" x 0.2"!

This keyboard has helpful indicator lights for Caps Lock, Bluetooth, Charge, and Power. It makes a great typing interface for a computer, especially for tablets, phones, boards and computers with built-in Bluetooth support, such as the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Pi Zero W.

USB charging cable included. Initial charge takes about two hours.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 246.0mm x 148.0mm x 6.4mm / 9.7" x 5.8" x 0.3"

Product Weight: 184.3g / 6.5oz


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