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Analog 180° Micro Servo


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The Analog 180° Micro Servo module is a high quality micro servo with the standard TinkerKit 3pin connector to be plugged in the Sensor Shield. The best choice to add Robotics & Mechatronics to your project.

Servos are composed of an electric motor mechanically linked to a potentiometer. The electronics inside the servo translate the width of the pulse into a position. When the servo is commanded to rotate, the motor is powered until the potentiometer reaches the value corresponding to the commanded position.

Module Description: - PWM; - Torque: 5V (1.00 kg-cm); - Speed: 5V 0.12sec/60°; - Weight: 9g; -Dimensions: L 22.2mm / W 11.6mm / H 21.5mm; - Rotation Angle: 180°; - Connector TypeTinkerKit

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Collections: Arduino

Type: Servo