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Analog Mini Thumbstick Breakout Board


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Are you itching for an easy way to mount a PSP-like thumb joystick to your project? This Analog Mini Thumbstick Breakout Board will help you do just that!

This is a neat little PCB, on which you can mount a joystick/thumbstick -- we recommend this one. Since it's analog, you'll need two analog reading pins on your microcontroller to determine X and Y.

We designed the breakout so that you can attach the thumbstick to a panel easily. A 4-pin 0.1" spaced header makes it easy to connect either in a perfboard/breadboard setting or free wiring, with header on both siders it is mechanically stable. You'll need to solder a thumbstick into the PCB using a soldering iron and solder, but its very simple and will only take a minute.

Includes 1 x 8-pin 0.1 inch male header. Note: Thumbstick itself is not included.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 26.6mm x 25.4mm x 1.7mm / 1.0" x 1.0" x 0.1"

Product Weight: 2.3g / 0.1oz

Collections: Adafruit

Type: Breakout Boards > Other