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Ninja Pibow - Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 2 and Model B+ Computers


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Clad your B+ in Ninja Black with this Pibow Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Model B+!

The latest version is fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2!

The Ninja Pibow is a night black case for your Raspberry Pi Model B+ computer.  It's crafted out of high quality acrylic layers with a transparent top and base.  It's smooth, slick, and durable and because of its black color, blends surreptitiously into any room.

You simply stack the layers around your Raspberry Pi Model B+ to protetct it from the outside world.  On the B+ version, the folks at Pimoroni have added an extension layer as well for extra stacking on top.

The case is lightweight and can be mounted to any surface.  It's held together by nylon bolts so there are no tools required for assembly. 

Collections: Adafruit, Pimoroni

Type: Raspberry PI > Cases