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NTSC/PAL (Television) Video Glasses


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You are from the future with these futuristic video glasses. Or at least, an 80's version of the future. Wearing these turns your vision into what appears to be a 52" television a few feet away. These are basic video glasses, they do work well, taking standard NTSC/PAL video in and projecting a 320x240 display onto your eyeballs. They're not terribly comfortable for long term use as they're a bit heavy, but we think these would be best used for hacking and modification of the the micro display/optics inside.

Comes with video glasses, AV adapter, charger and some removable headphones. Not good for people who require corrective glasses! Best for use by people with contact lenses or good vision. We tested it with a Raspberry Pi and it works great!

Note that the 4-pole connector is NOT compatible with the Raspberry Pi's 3.5mm 'A/V' jack and probably other devices - the pinout is different! (This customer has some notes on how he re-soldered the wires to make it work, but its a bit of effort)

NTSC/PAL (Television) Video Glasses (1:20)


Type: LCDs & Displays