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Blink-Ping: A WiPy LED blink with a simple TCP socket

September 09, 2016

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WiPy first impressions

August 18, 2016

WiPy unboxing doesn’t take but a few minutes. The WiPy setup information on is concise, complete and should be your first stop. What you will need to bring along is your WiPy with expansion board and four pieces of software: a telnet session running in a terminal window the filezilla ftp client a serial port terminal a text editor Cutecom is duplicating the repl running in the telnet session in the terminal emulator window.   The Filezilla FTP client is quite full-featured.   For the true traditional feel of crash-and-burn microcontroller programming, you can edit your python files on your PC then ftp them to /flash on the wipy. Not Pythonic. For admin and testing small stuff, the Python...

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