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Happy New Years!

Well, we are two weeks into 2014, and things at Chicago Electronic Distributors are just getting back to normal after a busy holiday season.  In December alone, we shipped over 1,000 orders across all our platforms.  For a company that has only been around since February 2013, that is pretty incredible.  What is even better is that we were able to create value for many new customers.

We are making a few changes around here, here they are in no specific order:

  • Free shipping on all orders over $20 shipped within Illinois.  We offer this to be competitive with companies not subject to Illinois Sales Tax of 8.25%.  Please note that our shipments outside Illinois do not have to pay this tax.
  • Continued inventory expansion, both breadth (new SKU's) and depth (quantity)
  • Reduced shipping rates across the board.  Please note that our current Shopify implementation requires us to manually create shipping rates.  So, if you see a rate that does not make sense, let us know!
  • Free shipping on orders over $200 for the United Kingdom, Canada, France and more to come.
  • Get a guest blogging program going.  If you know anyone that wants to write, knows who Linus Torvalds is, and does not mind getting their hands dirty, let us know!

That is about it for now, thank you for a great 2013!

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