Upgrading a Team Associated RC10 Radio Controlled Car with Maker Electronics

May 27, 2015

We are super pumped for our next project.

I owned an RC10 Remote Control Car when I was a kid, and I decided to keep it all these years.  It has been unearthed from 25 years of storage, and it is time to get it back on the road!

For those who do not know the RC/10, it is a 1/10 scale dune buggy that was built for off road racing.  Our is an original model built in the late 80's and it is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.  At nearly $250 in 2015 dollars, these were not cheap but they were one of the best R/C cars you could buy back then.

Back in the day, kids who played with R/C cars like this actually learned how to build stuff.  Honestly, that RC/10 started me down a path to being a Mechanical Engineer, and it also taught me a lot about electronics.  Saying that my years spent tinkering with my RC/10 led to this company starting would not be an understatement...I learned how to solder because of this thing!

So it is with great pride that I announce our Summer 2015 project: retrofit a 30 year old RC car with Maker Electronics!

In the coming days we will start out Bill of Material for the project, but possibilities include:

Associated RC10



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