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Raspberry Pi Camera for Timelapse Videos

July 08, 2013

One of our favorite applications of the Raspberry Pi is as a Timelapse Camera for making videos of scenery.  Last weekend we were up in Northern Michigan near Traverse City staying at a cabin on Grand Traverse Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan.  We were lucky to catch a great sunset using our Pi camera, check out the video.

Here is how we setup the Pi:

  • Board: we used a Raspberry Pi Model A, the lower power consumption model with no Ethernet and only one USB port.
  • Power: initially, we used a 4 "AA" battery pack, but then we found a long extension cord to reach the beach.  Our standard 1A power supply had plenty of power.
  • Camera: We used the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 
  • Software: The latest Raspbian distribution on a 16 GB SD card for extra storage
  • Connectivity:  Our standard USB WiFi dongle which had plenty of range.


To keep things simple, we just taped the whole setup to a tree near the beach, here is a a picture of our setup.


More on how we encoded the video and setup the capture later!




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