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Pumping Station One

I have been attending a Raspberry Pi meetup called NERP basically since I started the business.  NERP introducted me to Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station One, and after drooling over all the awesome tools for several months now, I finally joined!

Today I had a chance to get certified on MIG welding!  I actually am a self taught welder, having owned one a few years back when I built a racecar for the $2004 Grassroot Motorsports challenge.  When I moved from Detroit to Chicago a few years later, I had to sell the welder due to a lack of space.  Now I have all the welders and other fabrication tools that I could possibly need courtesy of PS One.

I also was able to test out the PS One's Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.  We have been thinking about expanding our business to include 3D printing, but I want to learn everything I can about the equipment.  I was trying to print a heart shaped locket that is one of the examples from Makerbot, but the printer head knocked the heart loose about 30% through the print.   Oops!  Better luck next time, but it was fun trying!



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