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Cyntech's Security Case for the Raspberry Pi 3

Cyntech's Security Case for the Raspberry Pi 3

Check out this press release from our partners at Cyntech.  We are proud to offer Cyntech's range of Raspberry Pi cases and accessories.

ABS Case for New Raspberry Pi 3 Combines Security Features with Versatility and Style for Every Application

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, has introduced a new ABS plastic case for the Raspberry Pi 3 that is also fully compatible with the Pi B+ and Pi 2 models. This versatile case builds on the success of Cyntech’s Pi B case with an extensive range of enhanced features, making it ideal for almost anyone who needs a small, low-cost computer; from maker, hobbyist and educational users through to industrial and commercial applications.

Although the Pi 3 LED indicators are now on the opposite side of the board, the Pi 3 case retains Cyntech’s clever light-pipe feature that enables the LEDs to be viewed when the case is closed. Security is a key requirement when the Raspberry Pi is deployed in commercial applications and the Pi 3 case includes a cover that prevents the removal of the SD card and also for the USB port e.g. to secure a WiFi dongle.

A unique feature is a case spacer that provides for 10mm increments in the overall height of the case, up to 30mm. This enables add-on boards and even back-up batteries to be included within the case, allowing system designers to package a complete working application in a neat, self-contained and secure case.

Dave Mellor, Managing Director of Cyntech Components, said, “Our case can be used almost anywhere and covers 99% of all applications for the Raspberry Pi. Like our original design, it still provides direct access to all the board edge sockets for power, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and 3.5mm audio connections, and comes in a range of colours.”


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Craig - February 8, 2019

You can get them here:

Santiago Moneta - February 8, 2019

Where can I get these?

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