The Applications of Raspberry Pi

July 09, 2020

A man sitting with a laptop interfaced with a circuit board. He is using a breadboard as well.

When you get a Raspberry Pi, the options you have for what to create with it are only limited by your imagination and your level of experience working with computers and electronics. The problem with this boundless realm of potential is that you might end up having trouble figuring out to do with your Raspberry Pi. The applications of Raspberry Pi we list below are just a few that you could try your hand at to have a fun time while also creating something cool.

TOR Router

TOR stands for The Onion Router, which is free, open-source software that allows its users to access the internet with an added layer of privacy protection, making it more difficult to follow activity back to the users. You can make a router that supports TOR using a Raspberry Pi, a WPA-encrypted hotspot, and a micro-USB power supply that lets it plug into the wall. You can start discovering the inner workings of accessing the internet and the basics of how to code with this project. In the end, you’ll also have a useful piece of equipment that can stop people from doing things like tracking your location from the internet.

Wireless Printer

Modern printers connect to computers wirelessly so that they can function even when the two are in separate rooms of your home. It wasn’t always like this, though, and older printers required a direct link to communicate and receive print jobs. Maybe you have a printer that has been sitting untouched because it’s USB-dependent. If so, you can transform it into a wireless printer using Raspberry Pi. You can achieve this task by downloading the relevant software to form a printing network (Samba and CUPS) onto the Raspberry Pi and connecting the Raspberry Pi to the printer. From there, your computer can locate the printer wirelessly.


Many of us dreamed of building robots as kids, and now you can make those dreams a reality. One of the popular applications of Raspberry Pi is constructing different types of robots and directing them with Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi acts as the brain within the robot which responds to the commands you give it externally, usually through a wireless controller. You’re able to create drones, walking or rolling robots, robot arms, and even fighting robots used in competitions this way. Find a tutorial corresponding to the specific robot type you want to create and you can get to work right away.

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