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Ways To Use Raspberry Pi in the Classroom

Ways To Use Raspberry Pi in the Classroom

The creators of the Raspberry Pi designed it to act as a useful learning tool for people who are beginners in the world of computers and electronics. Within this group, they specifically considered how to make the Pi viable for schools to utilize as part of students’ education. As a result, there are many ways to use Raspberry Pi in the classroom. You can get ideas by looking at these three application categories.

Teach Basic Coding

Once you’ve set up a Raspberry Pi with the needed accessories for interaction, such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can teach basic coding with it. Just download the corresponding Raspberry Pi operating system on it and you will see built-in programs for coding. These include Scratch and Python. Scratch has a more visual, block-combining interface to make coding easier to understand, while Python looks more like the traditional coding environment. There is also a version of the popular game Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi, called Minecraft Pi, with which they can practice programming.

Create Electronics Projects

A Raspberry Pi may act as the brains behind electronic devices, giving them the commands they need to function. You can create all kinds of classroom projects for your students that involve Raspberry Pi and direct them to various concepts based on what is relevant to their coursework. Examples of projects could be building a robot, making changing LED displays, putting together a weather station, and much more. With the resources on the Raspberry Pi website, as well as the countless guides online, you’re sure to find a project that will suit your class.

Treat It as a General Computer

You may need a few computers for your students to use for standard functions, such as typing in word processors. A way to use Raspberry Pi in the classroom for these needs is to treat it as a general-purpose computer. Since Raspberry Pi is highly affordable and a bit more simplified than larger desktops and laptops, it can become a cost-effective tool for students. They can use these devices to learn everyday computer-related skills that are necessary for just about all professionals in the modern age. Word processing and email applications are possible with the Raspberry Pi. Students can also use the internet through Pi’s Chromium browser.

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