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A handy-dandy breakout that converts between the picoblade connector cable on the PMS5003 particulate matter sensor and a standard male 2.54mm pitch header.

Use this breakout to connect a PMS5003 particulate matter sensor straight to your Raspberry Pi (or other microcontroller) with jumper wires, using our PMS5003 Python library to read data from the sensor.

Connect the pins on the breakout to the following pins on your Raspberry Pi:

  • 5V to 5V
  • GND to ground
  • TX to BCM 14
  • RX to BCM 15
  • RESET to BCM 27
  • EN to BCM 22

You can also use this breakout with Raspberry Pi Pico (and other RP2040 boards) using our MicroPython library for PMS5003. You can install it easily using Thonny's 'Tools' > 'Manage Packages' (search for 'pms5003-micropython').

Dimensions: 17.7x17.75mm

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