Magic DAQ

Magic DAQ



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A Python-powered USB DAQ!

- 8 Analog Inputs (14 bit, 48KS/s, -/+10V), 8 Digital Inputs / Outputs (0 – 5V), 2 Analog Outputs / PWM (0 - 5V), 1 Pulse Counter / PWM (0 – 3.3V)

- USB Powered. Analog measurement circuitry is electrically isolated from DAQ power supply for improved measurement accuracy.

- Simple Python Programming Interface (API) with Complete Web Based Documentation

- Data Sheet, Mechanical Engineering Drawing, and 3D Model (.stp) Avalaible

- USB Cable (1.5M Length) and Optional DIN Rail Connector Included


Tech Specs

-Data Sheet

-3D Model (.stp)

-Mechanical Drawing

-API Documentation


Included Accessories:

-USB Cable (1.5M Length)

-Optional DIN Rail Connector and Mounting Screws