Monk Makes

Monk Makes Project Box for Raspberry Pi


This kit contains everything you need (except a Raspberry Pi) to build 10 amazing electronics projects with your Raspberry Pi:

  • Blinking LED
  • Blinking two LEDs
  • Color display using an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED
  • Cheerlights display
  • Thermometer (degrees C and F)
  • Thermometer with buzzer alert
  • Reaction timer
  • Light meter
  • Light harp
  • Proximity detector

The key features of this kit are:

  • No soldering required
  • 40+ page booklet as a free download
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4 model B
  • Great value for money
  • A basis for learning about Python programming and electronics

Here’s an example of one of the projects (a reaction timer). Note a Raspberry Pi is NOT included in this kit.

No soldering is required, the legs of the electronic components are pushed into the solderless breadboard. This is then linked to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins which are identified by the Raspberry Leaf GPIO template.

A 40+ page booklet is provided as a free download which you can download and print or simply scan the QR code and open the instructions on your phone or tablet.

The booklet assumes no previous knowledge and will get you started, identifying the components, downloading the software you need and explaining in step-by-step detail how to wire up your projects and run the accompanying code.


The The code for all the projects is downloaded onto your Raspberry Pi as part of the setup described in the booklet. You then use the popular Mu editor to run the code and (if you want to) view and modify the code.

Some of the projects use GUI Zero to provide a graphical user interface on your Raspberry Pi. For example, here’s the thermometer project (also available in Fahrenheit).

The kit includes the following items:

  • Solderless breadboard
  • Male to Male jumper wires
  • Female to male jumper wires
  • Raspberry Leaf GPIO template
  • 5 x 470Ω resistors
  • 2 x 1kΩ resistors
  • 4.7MΩ resistor
  • 330nF capacitor
  • 2 x red LEDs
  • 2 x tactile push switches
  • Phototransistor
  • Thermistor
  • Buzzer


Project Box 1 for the Raspberry Pi is a reboot of the very successful (but now discontinued) MonkMakes Electronics Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi. The kit has been thoroughly updated in the following ways:

  • Replacement of the photoresistor with a phototransistor
  • All new project code written using GPIO Zero and GUI Zero.
  • Use of Mu for editing of Python
  • Downloadable 40+ page booklet instead of project cards
  • Internet of Things Cheerlights project replacing the Email Notifier project