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Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT



Use this HAT to add PoE or PoE+ capability to your Raspberry Pi's Ethernet port. Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 3B+. Power-sourcing equipment is required.


  • Standard: IEEE 802.3at-2003 PoE
  • Input voltage: 37-57 V DC, Class 4 device
  • Output power: 5 V DC/4 A
  • Cooling: 25 mm × 25 mm brushless fan delivering 2.2 CFM for processor cooling
  • Features: fully isolated switched-mode power supply; fan control
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C


Compatible Cases

For use with the Pi 4, the PoE HAT is compatible with the following cases:

For use with the Pi 3B+, the PoE HAT is compatible with the following cases:


The Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT has undergone extensive compliance testing and meets a number of regional and international standards.

View and download relevant certificates and conformity documents.

If you require any further information regarding compliance, please contact us at

Obsolescence Statement

PoE+ HAT will remain in production until at least January 2027