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Pi-Plates THERMOplate


The Pi-Plates THERMOplate is an affordable and stackable temperature measurement plate designed exclusively for the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer. Each THERMOplate can support up to eight thermocouples and four DS18B20 digital temperature sensors for a total of twelve inputs. And like all of our products, they can be stacked and mixed with the rest of the Pi-Plates family. In addition, with the THERMOplate we are using plugable terminal blocks to eliminate the hassle of having to disassemble a stack of plates to add or remove signal wires. See below for detailed features for the THERMOplate.


  • Dedicated onboard processor
  • Real time data collection
  • All inputs have plugable terminal blocks
  • Uses SPI signals, CE1 and two dedicated GPIO pins (16 & 22)1
  • All features accessible via rich Python command set
  • Compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi
  • Design allows up to eight THERMOplates to be stacked together for eight times the inputs
  • Uses less than 20mA of DC current during standby2
  • Conforms to ROHS, FCC Part 15 Class A, and CE standards
  • Includes programmable LED
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Each THERMOplate is 100% tested and calibrated
  • Detailed Online Users Guide with Examples
  • Dimensions: 100mm long x 75mm wide X 25mm high

Digital Sensor Inputs

  • Four DS18B20 inputs
  • 12 bit resolution
  • 1 second conversion time
  • Measurement range: -55°C to +125°C

Thermocouple Inputs

  • Eight thermocouple inputs
  • Type K compatible
  • Measurement range: -270°C to +1340°C
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 600msec conversion time
  • On board cold junction temperature sensor
  • A/D Converter factory calibrated to ±0.1°C

Free Applications

  • PIPLATElogger – Data Logger with Viewer


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  1. More pins may be required if additional features are enabled
  2. GPIO 22 is required when interrupts are enabled