DIY Electronics Guides

For most of the products we sell, the instructions are available online.  We collectively save a lot of paper by not printing them out and shipping them!  Below is a list of our suppliers with information about their many helpful DIY electronics guides. If you have any questions, or cannot find the instructions you need, let us know!

Adafruit Guides

Most Adafruit products are covered in the Adafruit Learning System.  Please visit the Adafruit Learning System and type in the name or part number of your item.  Alternatively, visit the Adafruit product page.  If you know the part number, you can use Adafruit's URL shortener.  For example, Adafruit 746 can be viewed at

Allo Guides

Allo is one of the industry’s leading designers of DIY audio hardware for streaming applications. Their product guides can be found in their individual listings on their website. For example, here is the guide for the Boss DAC

Arduino Guides

Arduino is an easy-to-learn, open source DIY electronics platform. Check out the Arduino Getting Started Guide today to learn more!

Kitronik Guides

Kitronik is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality DIY electronic project kits. Instructions and much more can be found at Kitronik University.

Micro:Bit Guides

The BBC micro:bit is an innovative pocket-sized computer that can be used to help new makers discover the magic of DIY electronics. Visit the Micro:Bit Getting Started guide to learn more about the platform! 

Pimoroni Guides

Pimoroni is one of the industry’s biggest names and offers a vast catalog of educational, industrial, and hobbyist electronics kits. Visit the Pimoroni learning section for a wide selection of helpful guides.

Pololu Guides

Pololu serves the education, maker, and engineering industries with a wide variety of electronics. To learn more about how to use their products, visit the product page for the item you purchased.  For example, for part number 2519 go to:  For additional support, visit Pololu customer support

Pycom Guides

Pycom designs and engineers a catalog of advanced programmable development boards and OEM modules. Visit the Pycom Getting Started guide to begin learning about how to utilize their electronics.

Raspberry Pi Guides

Checkout the getting started page at   Also be sure to checkout the Raspberry Pi Foundation's official project page!  We have also have a troubleshooting guide for the Raspberry Pi, with help from our friends at The MagPi.

SpikenzieLabs Guides

SpikenzieLabs develops and manufactures a wide range of original and exciting DIY electronics kits. Guides for SpikenzieLabs products are found within their product listings.  Please visit SpikenzieLabs and search for your product.