Adafruit CYBERDECK HAT for Raspberry Pi 400



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Note: This is the original version of this board.  It does not have the cuttable jumpers. 

Cyber-warriors, listen up here! We’ve got with some zero-day unreleased hardware we just dumpster-dived. Now you can crack kodes, and write skripts with style, thanks to the CYBERDECK HAT for Raspberry Pi 400 from Adafruit zaibatsu.

This is the same hardware Kevin Mitnick used when he popped Sidewinder! Ok, maybe not, but it will definitely let you create a stand-alone Kali deck by plugging in one of our many display HATs. We also give you some STEMMA / STEMMA QT plugs to glam up your rig with NeoPixels, servos, or sensors! (STEMMA cables sold separately)

Comes completely pre-assembled and tested so you don't need to do anything but plug it in. Works best with the Pi 400 computer.

Here are some of our favorite displays we recommend: