Camera Cable for Raspberry Pi 5




The Raspberry Pi 5 provides two MIPI connectors to use with camera modules or displays. These connectors are smaller than previous generations of Raspberry Pi, so you'll need one of these adapter cables to use your camera module.

These camera cables DO NOT work with DSI displays. You'll need a different cable for displays - they are not interchangeable!

These camera adapter cables have a 22-way 0.5mm-pitch connection at one end (for the Raspberry Pi 5 end), and a 15-way 1mm-pitch connector at the other (for your camera). These cables have CAMERA clearly printed on them so that you don't get them mixed up with the very similar-looking display cables.

We offer these cables in 200mm, 300mm or 500mm lengths (select before adding to your cart), giving you options to match the kind of project you're working on and the flexibility you might need.

These cables are tested by and supplied by our good pals over at Raspberry Pi, so you can rest assured they offer the quality, reliability and compatibility you'd expect.


  • Camera adapter cable for Raspberry Pi 5
  • For use with camera modules only (not compatible with DSI displays)
  • 22-way 0.5mm pitch to 15-way 1mm-pitch
  • FPC cable (Flexible Printed Circuit)
  • CAMERA printed on the cable body for easy identification
  • Available in 200mm, 300mm and 500mm lengths