Elecfreaks Joystick:bit for micro:bit


Joystick:bit is a game joystick for the micro:bit. On the board, it has an integrated joystick and 6 additional programmable keys. For further future expansion,  it has connectors for GVS, I2C, SPI, & UART. With a built-in power switch and external power connector, its a JOY to use!


  • Development environments include: Javascript / Makecode / Microsoft Touch Develop / Python.
  • UART serial port.
  • Integrated joystick with 6 additional keys.
  • I2C and SPI communication
  • Internal Power Input Voltage: DC 3.9V-4.5V
  • External Power Input Voltage: DC 3.9V-18V
  • Size: 103.00mm X 64.00mm
  • Weight: 54 g


  • Support Bluetooth 4.0 device (via micro:bit)
  • Remote control smart cars, robots, and other micro:bit projects.
  • Users can use it to develop remote control robotics, robotic arms, etc.

Definition of Pins

Additional information:

1.G / V(3.3V) / P3 / P4 / P6 are connectors for GVS electric bricks. Among it, P3 / P4 are connectors for analog / PWM / digital connectors, which can help you connect servos and various sensors conveniently.

2.UART Connector: V (3.3V) / G / TX / RX / S are serial port connectors. It is compatible with the common wireless communication modules like HC08 / HC11.

3.I2C Communication Connector: GND / VCC(3.3V) / SCL / SDA are standard I2C connector. It is compatible with 3.3V I2C sensors and devices.

4.SPI Communication Connector:V / G / CS / RS / AO / DA / CK correspond to the connector of a TFT 1.8 inch LCD module. It is directly compatible with many TFT 1.8 inch LCD modules, including SPI communication connector on micro:bit board.





Code Example:


Packing List

1 x Joystick:bit

Collections: micro:bit

Type: micro:bit add on