Joystick:bit 2 for micro:bit



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Joystick:bit V2 is a JoyStick for the Micro:bit. It has a 4-direction joystick, and 4 programmable buttons in a classic joypad form factor. It also enhances game experiences with a built-in buzzer and vibration motor. Joystick:bit V2 can be used as a remote controller too! It's comfortable to hold and cool looking too!



  • Buzzer
  • Vibration feedback for better game experience
  • Add makecode package for simple programming
  • Automatically powers off when micro:bit is pulled out
  • Lead out 7 IO ports of micro:bit board

Appearance & location dimension

Function module introduction


Connect X & Y of joystick to P1 & P2 of micro:bit.

The buzzer is a passive buzzer which is connected to P0 of micro:bit.

Vibration motor

The vibration motor is connected to P16 of micro:bit.

7 GVS ports

7 GVS extension ports which could be soldered with pin headers, creating more extension possibilities.


Let's do it

Install two 3A batteries into game:bit, and insert the micro:bit.

To add the game:bit package, go to the  makecode site. Add a new project, then click on Extensions.

Search joystickbit and add joystick:bit package.

Make your code. Ever once you press buttons of your joystick:bit, it comes about vibration feedback with buttons sign showing.

This code allows you to test the button and vbration fuctions.
Push button C, the game:bit will vibrate once. Push button D, the game:bit will vibrate once. Push button E, the game:bit will vibrate once. Push button F, the game:bit will vibrate once.


  • Name: Joystick:bit V2
  • SKU EF03417
  • Supply 2xAAA Batteries
  • Voltage DC 3V
  • Number of rocker 1
  • Undefined buttons 4
  • Buzzer Support
  • Vibration feedback Support
  • Size 109.61mm x 49.56mm
  • Net weight 31.3g