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Need to find a way to introduce coding and micro:bit to those with very little or no experience, or even those starting coding at a younger age? Then the Discovery Kit is the perfect starting point!

The Discovery Kit contains all the parts needed to complete the 5 experiments which are detailed in the included tutorial book. Similar to the tutorial book for the  Inventor's Kit and Inventor's Kit Add-ons,  it details in full how to build the circuit, code the micro:bit, explains what should happen, and (most importantly) why it happens, plus there is an added 'Challenge' section which encourages the child to learn additional coding methods in a fun way!

The experiments start off simple and progressively increase in difficulty to a point where the final experiment simulates a real world system, helping to demonstrate how electronics and coding are around us in every day life. The experiments that are included are as follows:

  • LED Control Circuit

  • Buzzer Jukebox

  • Lights In Sequence

  • Digital LED Thermometer

  • Traffic Light With Pedestrian Crossing

The kit features the Breadboard breakout for the BBC micro:bit, which can be plugged straight into the breadboard. This means that the need for jumper wires is vastly reduced, making circuits much easier to build and troubleshoot.

All this contained within a compact, hard plastic storage case, perfect for packing the kit away after each lesson or transporting around between workshops. With a compact price tag, which is less than half the Inventor's Kit, what's not to like?

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