micro:bit Power Supply Module 3.3V 2A


Need to power your micro:bit with something other than a couple AAA batteries?  We have the solutions!

This micro:bit power supply module converts 5V to 12V to a clean 3.3V for the micro:bit.  The output voltage of 3.3v can be connected directly to the battery connector of micro:bit. 

Packing List

  •  1 x Micro:bit Power Supply Module 3.3V 2A


  • 1. Input Voltage: DC 5V-12V
  • 2. Power by micro USB cable or usual power adapters.
  • 3. Output Voltage:3.3V
  • 4. Output Terminal directly connect battery holder on the micro:bit.
  • 5. Output Current: 2A
  • 6. Max Output Current: 2.5A 

Collections: micro:bit

Type: micro:bit add on