OSMC Remote Control



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This is the official OSMC remote, designed by Sam Nazarko and his team.

This remote controller is the perfect way to control OSMC. Its minimalist design offers an understated touch of class to your TV experience whilst retaining all the functionality you’d want when using OSMC.

  • Works on OSMC, Mac and PC
  • USB receiver makes installation simple and easy
  • RF design means no line of sight issues

Other remotes have a plethora of buttons but they often don’t do what they’re meant to do and in some cases they do nothing at all! The OSMC remote is different. It’s been designed for OSMC, by OSMC, meaning every button is mapped to a unique function. This remote works with all OSMC supported devices.

Kit contains:

  • OSMC remote controller unit
  • OSMC remote battery (CR-232)
  • USB receiver