Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Kits



We are offer kits for the Pi 3 A+ 1.4GHz!

We offer a menu of choices so you get exactly the kit you need!  Have a unique requirement such as a custom SD image or configuration?  Contact our sales department.

All kits include our high-quality 5.1V 2.5A power supply

MicroSD Cards

You will need a microSD card to get started with the Pi, which is why we recommend that you order the kit with a 16GB or 32GB microSD card.  These high quality Class 10 SanDisk cards are pre-loaded with the NOOBS "New Out Of the Box Software".  NOOBS is an operating system installer that includes Raspbian and other popular Raspberry operating systems.   


We now offer the official Pi Foundation case and the Adafruit 2359 case.  

Heat Sinks

We offer an optional heat sink to keep your Pi cool.  Just install it on top of the Broadcom processor.  You don't *need* a heat sink but they may allow your Pi to run at a higher processor load depending on how you use the Pi.

Display cables

Separate from this listing, you will probably need a display cable for your Pi.  The Raspberry Pi has an onboard HDMI connector.  We have 6 ft HDMI to HDMI, 1 ft HDMI to HDMI and 6 ft HDMI to DVI.  If you have a VGA monitor, don't fear, we have an HDMI to VGA adapter.


Want to take it further?

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Need ideas for your next project?  Check out the Raspberry Pi Foundation's official project page!

Lastly, be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi troubleshooting guide if you have any questions.