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Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Telephoto Lens


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This telephoto lens is designed to work with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, which must be purchased separately.

We also carry a wide angle lens, check it out!


Resolution 10 MegaPixel
Image format 1"
Focal Length 16mm
Aperture F1. 4-16
Mount C
Field Angle 44.6° by 33.6°
Back Focal Length 17.53mm
Optical Length 67.53mm
M.O.D. 0.2m
Dimensions 39.00 by 50.00mm
Weight 133.7g


There are guides for using the lens here: ... _Guide.pdf ... _Guide.pdf 

Please note: the price of this product had to be adjusted from $50 to $60 due to a 25% tariff.  Though these come from Raspberry Pi, they are made in China like most lenses these days.