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Raspberry Pi Zero W


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The credit-card-sized computer, but even smaller! The Raspberry Pi Zero W is the Pi you know and love, but at a largely reduced size of only 65mm long by 30mm wide and at a very economical price. With wireless LAN and Bluetooth, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is ideal for making embedded Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The Pi Zero W has been designed to be as flexible and compact as possible with mini connectors and an unpopulated 40-pin GPIO, allowing you to use only what your project requires.

At the heart of the Raspberry Pi Zero W is a 1GHz BCM2835 single-core processor, the same as the B+ and A+, with 512MB RAM. Quite frankly, this Pi is about four times faster that the original Raspberry Pi and is only a fraction of the cost of the current RPi3.

The setup for the Raspberry Pi Zero W is a little more complicated than on other Pis. Because of the small size, many of the connectors on the Pi Zero are not standard. For starters you will want a Mini HDMI adapter to connect to your monitor. You will also need a USB OTG cable to connect a USB device. No matter how you want to use your Raspberry Pi Zero W, you will need a microSD card with an operating system and a high-quality 5V power supply to power your board.

Note: As of the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero W the NOOBS image will need to be updated to work on Pi Zero boards. You can download the image here.


You might ask yourself...why are they charging $16.99?  Well, we are buying these from another Raspberry PI distributor instead of directly from the foundation.  We are pretty much breaking even on these.  One nice thing is that we are *not* limited in terms of how many we can sell!


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