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Red Rover is a simple 2WD robot chassis that gets your projects moving quickly! Unlike other robots that need expensive motor control boards, the Red Rover comes with a really simple motor controller board. If you can make servos move, you can make Red Rover move!

What's included

  • Red anodized aluminum chassis with cutouts for drive motors and hardware.
    Platform approximately 156 x 73 mm
  • Aluminum support shelf with standoffs
  • Dual-channel motor control board
  • Two DC gear motors (micro-servo size)
  • Two large drive wheels with tires (outside diameter approximately 60 mm)
  • Swivel caster
  • Mounting hardware and cable harness

How it works

Red Rover includes a motor driver board that makes the wheel drive motors appear as two continuous rotation servos:

So you'll be able to use your micro-controller's standard servo library to drive Red Rover. Set the motor to 180° and it'll drive at 100% forward. Set it to 0°, and the motor will run backwards at full speed. Set it to 90° and it stops.

This graph gives a more detailed timing diagram if you wish to drive Red Rover at a lower level:

For more details and example code, please see our blog post Red Rover, Red Rover, we'll send it right over!

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