Solar:bit - Solar Powered Battery For Micro:bit


The Solar:Bit is the environmentally friendly way to power your BBC micro:bit and learn about solar power! It includes a 5W solar panel and 1500mAh rechargeable battery pack with charge controller. The battery pack can be charged in about a day using the solar panel, or in 2 hours using the quick charge micro-USB port. The battery pack also serves as a stand for the solar panel while charging, or for your micro:bit! Micro:bit sold separately.




You can create a simple program on the micro:bit to measure the battery voltage using a jumper wire.

  • Connect a jumper from the Battery Voltage Monitor pin on the Solar Battery to the P0 input on the micro:bit.
  • Create a program that will loop on analog read P0 and printout the results. The reading will be between 0 and approximately 400. For example a battery voltage of 4.27 volts will give 1.78 volts at the battery monitor terminal. ( 4.27 ÷ 2.4 = 1.78) and a value of 391 in the analog read.




USB Connector Max. Current 200ma
Solar Panel 1 to 5 watts, 6 Volts
Battery Voltage monitor Analog output, Battery Voltage ÷ 2.4, 715K Impedance
Battery Lithium Polymer, 3.7V nominal, Max charge Voltage 4.2V 
Minimum Discharge Voltage 3.0V. 
Capacity 1500mAh
Low Battery Turn Off 3.0V +- 0.15V
Over Charge Protection 4.7V
Dimensions 60mm x 60mm x 18mm
Weight 50gr