SPACE Tape - 10m Roll



These are 5mm wide rolls + BONUS Electrical Isolation Tape in white. 

Space Tape is for inventing flexible circuits, wearables, or creating graphical circuit boards.

Conductive nylon fabric tape, for low current applications. This conductive woven nylon with conductive adhesive on the back side is great for creatingcircuits on almost anything, nearly anywhere!

The release paper backing features delivers more handling control and cleaner applications. Compared to copper tape, it has lower resistance, corrosion and fragility, which is what makes it a versatile and easy choice for all types of
electronic projects.

The 5mm width makes it fit perfectly on the micro:bit, and also on Launchpads. The 10M length fits neatly in the electrostatic bag.

You can Wash, Sew, Bend-crinkle-fold, Laser, Plotter cut and Stick it!