Useless Machine Counter Upgrade - Kit


If you already have one of our Useless Machines, and you would like to upgrade it to be a Useless Machine with counter, this is what you need.

  • Easy soldering kit
  • Fun upgrade for your Useless Machine
  • Powered by the Useless Machine's batteries
  • Bright display, counts up to 9999
  • Auto sleep to save power
  • Hackable extra functions

Included in the kit
  • Useless Machine Counter PCB
  • Switch, bezel, mounting hardware, power cable and electronic components


Compatible with both the DIY Soldering SpikenzieLabs Useless Machine, and pre-soldered SpikenzieLabs Useless Machine Kits.

Tools Required
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers


The DIY Soldering Useless Machine Build Guide
The Useless Machine Counter Build Guide

Other info: Circuit schematic


Assembling the Useless Machine Counter Upgrade
Installing the Useless Machine Counter Upgrade

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Type: Electronics kit