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Mini display for Raspberry Pi



A while back we purchased an Adafruit 128x32 display, pictured at left but we hadn't really tried it out until today.

We needed a clock in our shop, and thought it would be neat to install one on one of our Raspberry Pi's that is always on.  We have a Model A that runs RaspBMC and we generally use it for Pandora Internet Radio.

Adafruit does not yet have a tutorial on how to setup this display for the Pi, but fortunately Guy Carpenter over in Australia took the time to do the heavy lifting.  Thanks Guy for setting up this nice tutorial.

Since we were installing on RaspBMC, there were quite a few more hoops to go through, but it wasn't that bad.  Basically everytime we hit a roadblock, we just googled the error we were getting and found the solution.  Thank you Internet!

Soldering the board was easy, and it was similar to that ADXL board we soldered in the last post.

Rather than hook it up with a breadboard, we used some jumper wires and connected it directly to the Pi.

We could not be more pleased with the result!  We now have a clock that goes back and forth between date and time, and it looks really good.  

We just put in an order with Adafruit so we can stock these as well!

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