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Bloggers Wanted- Free Adafruit Stuff!

Things are great here at Chicago Electronic Distributors.  We now offer a comprehensive package of inventory from Adafruit Industries and other great vendors, and we are now selling on 3 platforms: this siteAmazon and our eBay store.

We've been so busy we have hardly had time to blog about the great products that we sell!

To fix this, we are launching a Guest Blogger Program.  Basically, we will give you any of our Adafruit or Home Automation kits for free in exchange for a comprehensive writeup of the product.  Generally we want to limit the giveaways to $40 or less, but really good ideas are worth more.  Bonus points for Facebook, YouTube videos, or blogs on other sites.


We specialize in Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone.


Contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or email to learn more!

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