Magic DAQ

Measurement and Automation Board Full Kit



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An off-the-shelf hardware test jig!

- 3 Current Measurement Channels (5A Max), 1 Low Current Measurement Channel (uA), 4 Temp Measurement Channels (-55C to 125C), 4 Switching Relays (7A 160VAC Max), 1 Variable Voltage Power Output (1V to 10V), 2 Fixed Voltage Power Outputs (3.3V and 12V

- Includes Board Mount, 4 Temperature Probes, Power Supply and USB DAQ Ribbon Cable

- Data Sheet, Mechanical Engineering Drawing, and 3D Model (.stp) available

- May be used stand-alone, or mounted to bed-of-nails PCB test fixture.

Tech Specs

-Data Sheet

-Mechanical Drawing

-3D Model (.stp)


Accessories Set:

-Board Mount

-4 Temperature Probes

-Power Supply

-Ribbon cable (compatible with MagicDAQ)