10-piece Hot Air Rework Soldering Nozzle Kit


If you've ever made a mistake when surface-mount soldering, you know how much of a pain it can be to fix it without the right tools. It can add critical time to a project and seriously dampen your soldering momentum if you run into a bad component or a faulty reflow. Boo hiss!

This kit comes with 10 different rework nozzles. Half are your standard round nozzles in many sizes. The other half are intricately designed to help you remove and re-work QFN and QFPs. Use the smallest size you can get away with! That way you'll avoid damaging other components if you are trying to isolate one part of the board to avoid a connector, for example. Super easy to remove components, fix joints and jumpers, replace missing components, or just correct something you've done wrong.

Technical Details

Dimensions of nozzles, largest to smallest (clamp dimension range in parentheses)

  • Square nozzle diameters
    • 14.9mm x 14.9mm x 22.2mm (21.3mm to 22.2mm)
    • 14.8mm x 14.4mm x 20mm (20.8mm to 22mm)
    • 11.8mm x 13mm x 15.8mm (21.5mm to 22.4mm)
    • 11mm x 11mm x 16mm (21.4mm to 22.2mm)
    • 9.3mm x 9.3mm x 12.2mm (21.3mm to 22.3mm)
  • Circular nozzle diameters
    • 9mm (21.5mm to 22mm)
    • 7.7mm (21.6mm to 22.2mm)
    • 4.5mm (21.3mm to 22mm)
    • 3.3mm (21.8mm to 22.6mm)
    • 2.3mm (21.3mm to 22.3mm)

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