BeoCreate 4-Channel Amplifier


The Beocreate is the product of a joint venture between HiFiBerry and Bang and Olufsen.  The result is an exciting new product that brings life to your old speakers!

Please note- this product is not eligible for returns if you have opened the packaging!  Building this product requires some technical knowledge.  Please follow HiFiBerry's guide for the Beocreate.

Compatible with nearly any loudspeaker, the Beocreate packs a punch with up to 180W of output power across 4 channels (2x 60W and 2x 30W).  The DSP board works as a standalone (digital in/4 channel out) or also as a digital audio player when paired with the Raspberry Pi.

When used with the Raspberry Pi, the user can utilise any software of their given choice.

The board contains a TOSLink input and output.

It supplies you with a powerful digital signal processor that can be directly programmed by the user from any PC using Analog Devices SigmaStudio.

It facilitates wireless DSP programming (Ethernet, WiFi).

It also offers a 4-channel 24bit/192kHz DAC and a 4-channel amplifier (2x30W + 2x60W). Power is supplied by a single external 12-24V source.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2, 3 or Zero!

Check out our BeoCreate Unboxing blog post for setup instructions and more info!