Elecfreaks micro:bit Tinker Kit



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The Tinker Kit from Elecfreaks is a chock full of sensors, displays, servos, and LED's.  This kit will keep you busy for hours on end with all of the available projects which are listed below.  Best of all, everything can be programmed in MakeCode!

Packing List

Crystal Battery Box - 2 x AAA 1
Elecfreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board 1
Micro-B USB Cable 1
OLED Display 1
Mini Servo(1.6kg) 1
Octopus PIR sensor Brick 1
Octopus Soil Moisture Sensor Brick 1
Octopus ADKeypad 1
Octopus Crash Sensor Brick 1
Octopus Passive buzzer Brick OBPB01 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED - Red
Octopus 5mm LED Brick - Green 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED - Blue 1
Octopus Analog Rotation Brick OBARot 1
Dimension & Weight
 19.5*13.5*6.5 cm
Relative Readings:

Octopus:bit Introduction