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Our pi-top [4] Accessory Bundle contains everything you need to get your pi-top [4] up and running!

The bundle includes:

pi-top Power Supply

15V 36W USB-C PD Power Supply for pi-top [4].

USB-C Power Delivery specification at 15V for faster battery charging.  Comes with interchangeable US, UK and European plugs.

Please note:

Your pi-top [4] will NOT work with most USB-C power supplies you might already own. You must use a power supply with USB-C Power Delivery specification at 15V and 36W.

pi-top Display Cable

Connect your pi-top [4] to your laptop, tablet, desktop computer or HDMI monitor. Write code on your device and send it to execute on your pi-top [4].

The pi-top Display Cable includes:

  • Display Cable
  • HDMI Adapter
  • USB Adapter

pi-top Display Cable is used for:

  1. Connecting a pi-top [4] to a HDMI monitor. You can use a standard micro HDMI cable for this too but if you want to use two displays simultaneously you'll need a pi-top Display Cable.
  2. Connecting a pi-top [4] to the pi-top FHD Touch Display - in this arrangement the cable is used to take power, USB signals and HDMI signals to the screen, turning it into a portable table or laptop!
  3. Connecting to the USB OTG port on the Raspberry Pi so that you can SSH or VNC into the pi-top [4] from your laptop, computer or tablet.

pi-topOS on 16Gb SD card

Save time setting up your pi-top [4] DIY Edition. No need to burn SD cards. Comes with adapter and the latest pi-topOS installed.

To get the most from your pi-top, it's best to run pi-topOS. Some of the advanced features of pi-top are not managed by Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) or other operating systems.

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