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The perfect little add-on to drive motors, make sounds, and learn how to interface electronics with your Pi!

Includes all you need for instant fun projects, easy-to-use, clearly labelled, and fully support with our own Python code library.

  • Works with Python or Scratch
  • Full code libraries available from the pip Python package installer
  • Fully assembled
  • Can drive bigger loads than the Pi GPIO can handle (motors, relays, solenoids, etc.)
  • Indicator LEDs on all input and output channels make debugging your circuits and code a breeze
  • On-board:
    • Tactile switch
    • Red, green, and amber LEDs
    • Piezo speaker
    • 4 protected inputs
    • 4 high-power outputs
Ideal for those new to the Raspberry Pi® or looking to expand their electronics knowledge. Great for schools and kids’ clubs. More examples and helpful tips on

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