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Designing the right shape and hatch pattern to make a great sensor with Electric Paint can take time, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve created the intricate pattern on the Printed Sensors for you to use in touch and proximity sensing projects. They’re perfect for testing your ideas quickly, without needing time to design your own pattern, or waiting for Electric Paint to dry. Just like our other tools, you can customise and hack the printed sensors to make them fit your application. You can even cover them with a different colour. Let us know what you create!

Printed Sensors are precisely screen printed, right here in London, with Electric Paint on heavyweight 270gsm, bright white, acid-free paper and coated with a clear seal, making them smudge and water resistant. Printed Sensors can be bent to create 3D sensors or cut into custom shapes to fit your project. Every Printed Sensor has 16 exposed (unsealed) nodes, which can be connected to a variety of boards and clips. Use them with a Touch Board, Pi Cap or Light Up Board to turbocharge your sensor project.

About Electric Paint
Your design and electronics projects are about to change forever with this easy to use electrically conductive paint. Paint circuits, or use as a conductive adhesive on almost anything including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics.

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert Engineer


3 x Pre-printed Electric Paint sensors

Creative Technologists

These time-saving printed sensors are ready-to-use straight away. Just connect them to your Touch Board,  or Light Up Board to test out an idea. Keep a set in your drawer for those last minute deadlines!

Demonstration of a printed sensor linked to a Light Up Board

Designers and Engineers

Test sensors and build prototypes of complex interactive devices. Cut or fold Printed Sensors to shape and follow our extensive tutorials to add sophisticated touch capabilities to your work.

Two printed sensors cut into arrow shapes

Pack Details:

Made in the UK
Height / 0.3cm / 0.118in
Width / 21cm / 8.5in
Depth / 15.3cm / 6.2in
Weight / 0.038kg / 1.34oz
Ages: 14+